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Editorial Policy is a blog focused on exploring festivals, historic sites, and cultural intricacies across the United States.

Editorial Standards

  • Accuracy and Integrity: I am committed to accuracy in all my content. Writers and editors must verify information from reliable sources before publication. I aim to use primary sources wherever possible and attribute all sources according to journalistic best practices.
  • Quality: All content should engage and benefit readers, providing insightful information and practical travel tips. Articles are expected to be well-written, thorough, and clear.

Content Creation Process

  • Ideation: Topics are chosen based on their relevance to current trends, seasonality of travel, and reader interest. I will focus on festivals, historic sites, and unique cultural aspects of various U.S. regions.
  • Research: Writers are expected to conduct thorough research using books, trusted online sources, interviews with experts, and, when possible, personal visits.
  • Writing and Editing: Drafts are reviewed by an editor for accuracy, style, coherence, and engagement. I will ensure that the content reflects the ethos of by being informative and respectful of local cultures.
  • Approval and Publication: Content undergoes a final review by the senior editor before publication to ensure it meets all editorial standards.

Editorial Independence maintains strict editorial independence from external influences. My content is not influenced by sponsors, and any sponsored content will be clearly marked as such to maintain transparency with readers.

Corrections and Transparency

I am committed to transparency and honesty. If errors occur, they will be corrected promptly and clearly. Corrections will be noted at the end of the article, detailing the changes made.

Community Engagement

We encourage readers to interact through comments and social media. Feedback is welcomed and considered to improve my content and ensure it meets the needs and interests of the readers.

Review and Updates

This editorial policy is reviewed annually or as needed to reflect changes in my editorial approach and the evolving landscape of media and travel. Changes will be documented and communicated to my editorial team and readers as appropriate.