Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to answer some of the questions that we have been asked in the past from members and customers alike. If you have a question that is not answered here, please use the contact us link at the top of every page.

what is a clothing optional resort?

LifestyleA clothing optional resort is usually a gated or guarded resort that allows you to be dressed, semi-dressed, topless or completely nude anywhere on the grounds. Some resorts will specify certain areas that you must be dressed, like when dining or in restaurants.

what is a nudist or nude resort?

Nude ResortsMost nude resorts, once inside you may be required to be nude while staying at the resort, including dining and activities. A nudist resort is for those who plan on not wearing any clothes at all for the duration of your stay. In some cases the host and the people that work at the resort are also nude.

How does a clothing optional cruise work?

Nude CruisesPrivate clothing optional cruise charters require you to be clothed or dressed when in ports, depending on the location. Once you are under way you may be undressed or topless, depending on the captain's rules. Most of our charters will state when you must be dressed or not. This does not mean you cannot where skimpy clothing.

Big ship clothing optional cruises definitely have areas in which you must be dressed, like when dining or sitting at the captains table. You will also have to be dressed at all times while in ports of call.

Is it difficult to be naked in public?

Clothes FreeIf you have never been on a nude beach or at a clothing optional resort, it can be a little scary or intimidating at first. Remember in most instances everyone around you is also nude and felt exactly the way you are feeling their first time. People at nude or clothing optional resorts are there because they enjoy being naked. No one is comparing body's or shapes of body's, so it does not matter what shape your in. When you remove all of material things on a person, everyone becomes the same. That is when you feel the stress leave your body because everyone is equal.

etiquette of being nude?

Nude Etiquette1st. Being nude is easy but there are a few rules of common sense that must be adhered to. First of all some resorts do not allow photography at all, but if its permitted and you want to take some photos of your nude vacation, please be courteous of others in the area. If you would like group shots taken, be sure everyone in the photo agrees. Ask for permission to take any photos. I hope you get some photos, because everyone wants to see how much fun you had.

2nd. Its also common courtesy to bring a beach towel of some kind to sit on where ever you go at the resort or cruise for health reasons.

3rd. Gawking and staring at other nude people trying to enjoy themselves is strictly forbidden.

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